Monday, February 20, 2012

Into the light

I have been dark for too long...avoiding the blog like the plague...but I am not really sure why!  Yes, sometimes it feels like a chore/job/obligation but I have been too grouchy about it.  Here's what I am hoping is the start to a new relationship with the blog!  (Just a quick post, don't want to exert myself too much here).

Dance class continues...all the way until the recital in June.  And Miss Jill isn't messing around!!!  There is a viewing window so we can see what's going on in class and she is starting to whip these 3 year-olds into shape.  They bring teddy bears to class and are learning a "My Teddy Has a TuTu" song.  If they pull this off during the recital it is going to be LEGENDARY!!!!

In November Nick started basketball and the last game was last week!!!  It was one of the funniest things I have seen involving kids.  Total comedy show!!  In a good way.  Nick had no clue and he had the best time EVER!!!  Once when asked, "what is your favorite thing about basketball?"  Nick's answer was, "the part where we sit down and rest and drink water".  AWESOME!!!  He was one of the youngest on the team and 1 of 2 kids who had never played before but he had 3 awesome coaches
who loved his charm and helped him so much.  Passing...not so hot.  Shooting...made a shot every once in a while.  Defense...we won't even talk about it.  BUT dribbling...oh boy...he had the dribbling DOWN!!! 

I am so going to be the Mom yelling from the stands all the time.  After one game I asked Nick if he can hear me cheering for him during the games and he said, "Yeah, it's kind of annoying!" (with a giant smile on his face).  I can't argue with him since I annoy myself when I watch the videos! 

Can't wait for t-ball to start in May!!!

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